The DarkSide BBS Rules

August 9th, 2019

System Rules: General
* The DarkSide BBS is a family BBS. Rude behavior will not be tolerated.
* Users found participating in ANY illegal activity will be deleted.
* User information will be kept confidential.
* Use of racial, religious, sexual, or ethnic slurs is prohibited.
* Harassment of any kind is prohibited.
* The DarkSide BBS takes no responsibility for user messages.

System Rules: Donations
* All donations are nonrefundable for any reason.
* Donations are used specifically for the BBS.

System Rules: User ID's
* Each user is allowed one account, unless they upgrade.
* Do not allow other users to use your password.
* User accounts that have been inactive for over 90 days may be deleted.

System Rules: E-Mail
* Use of E-Mail to distribute pornographic material is prohibited.
* Use of E-Mail to distribute copywritten material is prohibited.
* Use of E-Mail to harass other users is prohibited.

System Rules: Forums
* The DarkSide BBS is a family BBS, please keep it clean.
* Keep messages on topic whenever possible.
* No Flaming!
* The DarkSide BBS is not responsible for its user's postings.

System Rules: Teleconferences
* No profanity outside of private channels.
* Offensive behavior or rudeness is prohibited.

System Rules: Files
* Do not upload commercial software.
* Do not upload pornographic material.
* Do not use profanity in descriptions of files.
* The DarkSide BBS does not guarantee the functionality of its files.

System Rules: Registry
* Registry entries with vulgar or rude content will be deleted.

Anyone found abusing any of the above rules will be given one warning.
A second offense will result in a 30 day suspension.
A third offense will result in your account being deleted!
No refunds are ever given if your account is deleted for rule violation.
These rules are solely to be interpreted by our Staff, and our say is final.
Your continued use of the BBS is your agreement to these rules.
Rules subject to change at any time, with or without notice.

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