About Us

We offer all the great games like Tele-Arena, T-LORD, Mutants, and MajorMud. We also have many BRE and FE Leagues and an extensive file library. We have something different to offer everyone, and very affordable donation rates.

Users who sign up are greeted with a 30 day unlimitied trial membership. After which they are changed to a USER Class which allows them 60 minutes of connect time per day. If said user would like more time, they have two different options. First, they can make a one time donation to the BBS of $10.00 and be upgraded to our DONATE Class. This allows them 4 hours of connect time per day, and gives them this access to 2 accounts.

If said user would like more time, they can make a 1 time donation of $20.00 and that will give them unlimited time per day, and grants them access to 5 accounts. Visit the System Information menu on the BBS for more details. These donations are good for the life of the BBS.

As with any type of donation, they are final and no refunds are given for any reason.

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